Mr. Rajesh Goyal

Involved in the growth and betterment of the Photographer's Community of the country for more than 25 years, Mr. Rajesh Goyal, an alumnus from the College of arts Chandigarh and the Founder Director of Indian Institute of Photography - The First Institute in Asia to offer Photography Courses Online, is the principal driving force behind both the conceptualization and actualization of Kaleideoscope India.

Being an ardent and passionate admirer of Photography as the purest form of art, Mr. Goyal has always wanted to build bridges between the skilled creators and audiences worldwide. He is of the view that, only with enhanced communication and interaction, there may be an in-depth understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. With the same thought in mind, he has been involved in so many kinds of developmental activities and initiatives. Kaleidoscope India has resulted from the same creative and progressive approach.